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Companies related to FerryBox Instrumentation

Companies that Manufacture Sensors & Components
Sensors & Components
Optical Oxygen probes
Algae group analysers
CTD, fluorometer, turbidity, fast repetition fluorometer, .....
CH4-Sensor pCO2
Process sensors, turbidity, oxygen, pH
CH4-Sensor, pCO2, Oxygen optode
Ocean Seven 315 On-Line Module to measure: temperature, conductivity, salinity, oxygen, pH, redox, turbidity, chlorophyll
pCO2 probes
gas tension device
CTD, Multi-Probes
flow-through instrumentation, pCO2
Nutrient analysers
ADCP, CTDs, Multi-Probes
Speciality: Flow-through salinometer (formerly FSI)
Radiation spectrometers, fluorometer
In situ nitrate analyser
Fluorometer, turbidity, CDOM
Fluorometer, turbidity, nutrients
Oxygen, pH probes
Companies for Software Development & Consulting
Sensors & Components
web, database and Unix programming
hydro-geophysics, applied oceanography, limnology, hydrology,hydrography.