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FerryBox Online Data

Here you will find links to different databases and web portals.

FerryBox Database


All FerryBox data from HZG and some other institutions are stored in the FerryBox database and can be accessed via internet.
The data are initially checked automatically and stored in this database.

From the database different vizualizaton tools for the FerryBox data are available. You can plot as single transect, pool data along a certain transect for a longer time period or can create time-series at certain locations. All data are available for free and can be exported in ASCII (tab separated tables) or NetCDF format.

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COSYNA data portal

Cosyna Portal

The COSYNA data portal combined data from HZG FerryBoxes, Bouys, glider and piles with ENVISAT/MERIS satellite data. The example on the left depicts a combination of FerryBox data and MERIS data for chlorophyll.

The COSYNA data portal provides real-time or near real-time data from COSYNA observing in-situ and remote sensing systems to the public. However, all data are provisional and have not been quality-controlled. While all due care is taken to provide accurate information, provisional data are subject to change or retraction after quality control and before official release. No warranty is made, express or implied, regarding the accuracy or validity of the data, or regarding the suitability of the data for any particular application.

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SOOguard FerryBox System


FerryBox systems are installed on the MS Romantika and MS baltic Queen, operating on the route Stockholm - Riga and since August 2014 on the route Stockholm - Marienhamn - Tallin.

MSI - Observational Data

Water Quality Information Service for the Norwegian Coast from NIVA


Water Quality Information Systems

This information system combines data from ships of opportunity, satellite data and in situ data from collected water samples for monitoring marine areas.

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